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RIAÑO TRAIL RUN is a mountain race by stage throught paths and tracks in the natural surroundings of Natural Park of Fuentes Carrionas y Fuente Cobre - Montaña Palentina, Picos de Europa Regional Park and Regional Park of Montañas de Riaño y Mampodre.


RIAÑO TRAIL RUN has 3 modalities: Riaño 3xTrail Run (3 Stages), Riaño 2xTrail Run (2 stages) y Riaño 1xTrail Run (1 stage). 

Stage 1 with 38 km, will have the Start at 9:00 on Friday in Caín de Valdeón and Finish at Oseja de Sajambre.
Stage 2 with 21,5 km, will have the Start at 9:00 on Saturday in Valverde de la Sierra and  Finish in the same place.

Stage 3 with 22,7 km, will have the Start at 9:00 on Sunday in Salamon and Finish in Riaño.

With semi-autonomy character, the participants have a maximum time to complete the each stage. 

Also, Riaño 3xTrail Run is qualifying race for UTMB.

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