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179€ · Individual

310€ · Team (2)

200 Entries



3 days: Full board accommodation



200 Entries



2 days: Full board accommodation



100 Entries



1 day: Full board accommodation


RIAÑO CAMP :  The Riaño Camp is the nerve center of the Riaño Trail Run. There all the activities related to the race will take place. The Riaño Camp has all the conforts, (Bathrooms, showers, ).

The Riaño Camp includes:

PACK Riaño 3xTrail Run

· Accommodation in a double tent for individual use.

· Full board from dinner on Thursday, to lunch on Sunday.

PACK Riaño 2xTrail Run

· Accommodation in a double tent for individual use.

· Full board from dinner on Friday, to lunch on Sunday.

PACK Riaño 1xTrail Run

· Accommodation in a double tent for individual use.

· Full board from dinner on Saturday, to lunch on Sunday.

Rent Inflatable mattress > 15€ + Deposit of 10€.

All info about the Riaño Camp here.


  • Registration for the race.

  • Bus to Start of every Stage. 

  • Liquid and solid equipment during the race and finish.

  • Assistance during the race through the sanitary and safety device set by the Organization.

  • Timing system and online tracker tracking

  • Shower and WC in the RIAÑO CAMP after the race.

  • Transportation service to the RIAÑO CAMP of the participants leaving from the Pass Controls that have Withdrawal Control.

  • Transfer the personal bag of each runner from the Start of each stage to the Finish line.

  • Welcome Pack with personalized bag of RIAÑO 3xTRAIL RUN.

  • Exclusive Finisher Medal for all participants of the RIAÑO TRAIL RUN. (3x, 2x & 1x)

  • Finisher gear for runners completing the RAIL TRAIL RUN ( 3x & 2x)

This is the system of online registration of RIAÑO TRAIL RUN. From here you can easily register for the race you want. Read carefully the procedure and follow the payment instructions.

Registration to the RIAÑO TRAIL RUN requires being of legal age, knowing, completing and signing the "Declaration of Physical Fitness and Release of Responsibility" that will be delivered in the bibs collection for which the participant declares to know the physical requirement of the race, being in optimal physical conditions to face it and relieve the Organization of the possible health problems that may arise from their participation in the RIAÑO TRAIL RUN.




Participants may cancel their registration and get the corresponding fee refund:

75% from - 1/12/2022 a 31/03/2023

50% from - 1/04/2023 a 30/04/2023

0% from - since 1/05/2023

With the Cancelation Insurance -> 100% until 15 days before the race.

​ Requests for fee refunds for medical reasons will only be accepted BEFORE 15 days before the race.

Reimbursements will be made before 30 days from the date of acceptance of the application.

Once a cancellation request is accepted, the Organizer will transfer the corresponding vacant place to the candidate at the top of the waiting list on that moment.



The organization facilitates the option of paying the registration and the services contracted at the moment in two installments.


The remaining 50% of the registration must be paid within 30 days in the account number that will facilitate the organization via email.


If the runner does not make the payment after 5 days of sending the mail, the registration will be canceled, proceeding to the corresponding refund.


Deadline to make use of the installment payment 1/4/2024.




The organization offers a cancellation insurance in which the 100% of the entry fee will be refunded to all those runners who have subscribed to this service and have submitted a document crediting the severity and / or greater because of the withdrawal.
Such refund shall only be made until 15 days before the start of the race. After this date the entry fee will not be refunded.

PRICE INSURANCE: Riaño Trail Run 20€

  • Companion Program

The RIAÑO TRAIL RUN has a companion program for all those who want to live the RIAÑO TRAIL RUN from another point of view.

All info about the Companions Program here.

The companions plan includes:


  • Accommodation in tent from Thursday to Monday. (depend of the pack)

  • Full board from: Dinner of Thursday to Sunday Lunch (depend of the pack)

  • Transportation to Start and Finish of each stage for the companions.


Price: 3x > € 150 , 2x > 100€, 1x > 50€

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