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Official website of RIAÑO TRAIL RUN:

How many modalities does the Riaño Trail Run have? Three. Riaño 3xTrail Run (3 stages), Riaño 2xTrail Run (2 stages) & Riaño 1xTrail Run (1 stage).


What day is the RIAÑO TRAIL RUN? Riaño 3xTrail Run (3 stages) from Friday, 21 of June to Sunday, 23 of June

Riaño 2xTrail Run (2 stages) from Saturday 22 June to Sunday, 23 of June & Riaño 1xTrail Run (1 stage) on Sunday, 23 of June.

What is the format of competition of the Riaño Trail Run? The Riaño 3xTrail Run can be done in two modlaities: Infividual or by Team of two runners. The Riaño 2xTrail Run Riaño 1xTrail Run only can be done Individual. 

How many bibs number are available? For the Riaño Trail Run there are 500 numbers available in total.


What time and where is the Start of the Stage 1? At 8:15, Friday, 21 of June in Oseja de Sajambre.


And Stage 2? At 9:00, Saturday, 22 of June in Valverde de la Sierra.


And stage 3? At 8:30, Sunday, 23 of June in Riaño.


How many kilometers are the RIAÑO 3xTRAIL RUN? In Total are 83,6 kms with 6.213m+  and  6.471 m - .

How many kilometers are the RIAÑO 2xTRAIL RUN? In Total are 47,6 kms with 3.253m+  and  3.253 m - .

How many kilometers are the RIAÑO 1xTRAIL RUN? In Total are 26,1 kms with 1.429m+  and  1.429 m - .

How many kilometers are the  Stage 1? 36 kms | 2.960m+ | 3.218 m - | 


Stage 2? 21,5 kms | 1.824 m+ |  1.824 m- |


Stage 3? 26,1 kms | 1.429 m+ | 1.429 m- |


How is the track of the Stage 1? The first stage will Start from Oseja de Sajambre, we will ascend towards Vegabaño passing through Soto de Sajambre. From there we will go along the Frade ridge, Vega de Llós and descend through the Farfada forest towards Cordiñanes to reach the Mirador del Tombo viewpoint. Once there, we will start the ascent through the Capozo channel, Puertos de Cuba and descend through the Mesones channel to reach Caín de Valdeón, the heart of the Picos de Europa National Park.


And Stage 2? The second stage will start from the leonesa coalfield, particularly from Valverde de la Sierra. From this population the itinerary ascends to the Pico Espigüete continuing along the peaks of the Natural Park of Fuentes Carrionas and Fuente Cobre.
The route takes the last kilometers towards Valverde de la Sierra, where the Finish line is installed.


And Stage 3? The third stage of the RIAÑO TRAIL RUN will start from the town of Riaño. From here, the route will go up to Pico Gilbo to descend again towards the town of Riaño, where the finish line will be located.


What is the maximum time to complete Stage 1?  10 hours 


What is the maximum time to complete Stage 2? 6 hours.


What is the maximum time to complete Stage 3? 5:30 hours.


Where I can pick up the bib number? The bib number is collected at the RIAÑO TRAIL CAMP, (Camping Riaño).


When? From Thursday, 20th June to Sunday 23th. Depend of your race. (3x, 2x or 1x).


What I need to pick up my bib number? Participants must show an IDENTITY CARD, PASSPORT or NIE (Foreign Identification Number) to prove their identity in order to collect their race bib. 


Can another person collect my bib number? Race bibs are personal and non-transferable If you cannot be at the scheduled time to pick up your race number etc, you can send someone to do it for you. They must have a photocopy of your ID and the disclaimer document completed and signed by you.


Is there mandatory equipment? Yes, all runners without exceptions must carry the following equipment to be able to perform the RIAÑO TRAIL RUN:



Individual Modality (3x,2x & 1x)

  • Mobile phone: With the battery fully charged and on during the entire race.

  • Thermal blanket: Minimum area (1.4 x 2 m)

  • Whistle.

  • Glass for liquid supply: There are no glasses at the refreshment point.

  • Windbreaker jacket

  • Containers and / or watertight bags for liquids: With a minimum total capacity of 1L.

Team Modality: (3x)

- Each runner:

  • Thermal blanket: Minimum area (1.4 x 2 m)

  • Glass for liquid supply: There are no glasses at the refreshment point.

  • Windbreaker jacket

  • Containers and / or watertight bags for liquids: With a minimum total capacity of 1L.

- Each team:

  • Mobile phone: With the battery fully charged and on during the entire test.

  • GPS with stage track

  • Mini kit: With material to heal small wounds, cuts or frictions.

There will be inspections of mandatory clothing and equipment at any point throughout the course.  These inspections may be general or random.

Not carrying one or more of the mandatory items, refusing to cooperate in a control or being disrespectful to the controller entails the immediate invalidation of the race bib number.


Recommended equipment:

  • Sunglasses: with plastic lenses

  • Poles: Strongly recommended in case of rain or snow.

  • Sunscreen cream or lotion: Total protection.

  • Electrolytes and/or mineral salts

  • Energy food: Energy bars, gels, fruits…

  • Mini first-aid kit: With supplies for the treatment of minor wounds or scratches.

  • Backpack: Appropriate to the volume of the material and pace of the participant. 

Will there be chechpoints throughtout the race ? Between 3 and 5 chechpoints.


Will there be refreshment points throughtout the race ? Between 1 and 3 refreshment points.


Is there medical assistance during the race? Yes. There will be mobile teams assistance available throughout the race.


What is the RAÑO CAMP? The Riaño Trail Camp is the base camp where runners and organization will be accommodated during the course of the race.
The camp is located in the Football field of Riaño and consists of tents provided by the organization.
The Riaño Trail Camp has all the services needed for a comfortable and unforgettable experience, (WC, Shower, Dining Room, etc.)

Is the RIAÑO TRAIL CAMP included in the registration? NO. Riaño Camp includes accommodation in a single tent with capacity for two people from Thursday to Monday. All information here

Can I sleep in my caravan inside the RIAÑO CAMP? No. The RIAÑO CAMP will remain closed to the public and all vehicles. It is not allowed to park the cars and / or caravans inside the camp site. The runner may sleep in his caravan / van as long as it is parked outside the RIAÑO CAMP.

Is there shuttle bus service to every Start from the RIAÑO CAMP? Yes. The Organization has planned a shuttle bus service for all runners that connect the RIAÑO CAMP with the respective municipalities where the Start of each stage takes place. 

My family and firends want to follow the race? Where and can do it? The RIAÑO TRAIL RUN counts on the timing and system of tracking where you can follow live the course of the race. In addition, in the social networks of the race will be published live information of the race.

Can companions come with me? The RIAÑO TRAIL RUN has an accompanying program for those who want to live the race from within. This companions program consists of accommodation and full board in the RIAÑO CAMP from Thursday to Sunday

(* same conditions as runners).

The number of companions is limited to 1 companion per runner and he/she has to sleep in the same tent as his/her companion.

All accompanying persons who do not hire the escort program will not be able to access the RIAÑO CAMP.

The companion plan includes:

  • Accomodation in tent from Thursday  to Monday.

  • Full board from: Dinner from Thursday to Sunday Lunch

  • Transportation to Start and Finish of each stage for the companions.


All information about the different Packs and prices here

Can I tranfer my registration to a firned? No. The regstration is personal and untrasferable.


Am I covered by any unsurance? The organizaction has an insurance policy of public liability insurance under current legistalito.


Is there Finisher medals? Yes, all finishers will receive a customized medal.


Will there be shower service after the race? Yes, in the RIAÑO CAMP.


Is there shuttle bus service in the Finish line? Yes, there will be a shuttle bus service that connect permanently the Finish of each Stage with the RIAÑO CAMP.


When is the awards ceremony? The awards ceremony will be at the main square of Riaño where the Finish line is installed.

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